Seminar Enrollment

Seminar Enrollment Procedures (Seminar enrollment is based on site availability in each grade level)

The procedure for enrolling a student in the Hearst Seminar program depends on where the student lives and his/her GATE status. Students who live within the enrollment boundaries for the Henry High cluster AND are SDUSD Seminar identified can request to enroll using Seminar Intent to Enroll. All other students in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) must complete a School Choice application.

Please note:

District policies regarding Seminar enrollment change frequently. Though every attempt is made to keep the information below up to date, parents are strongly encouraged to contact the Hearst front office regarding enrollment.

Priority for enrollment is given to Seminar-identified students. Transportation is not provided for the Seminar Program. High GATE students will be admitted to the program at the discretion of the principal and teachers as space is available.

**enrollment is not guaranteed for Seminar students, and is based on availability...please contact the Hearst office for more information 619-860-5400

Seminar Intent to Enroll

Students who are Seminar-identified can request to enroll using the Seminar Intent to Enroll form ( Both the current form and instructions for completing it are available from the SDUSD GATE website .

Seminar Intent to Enroll forms must be submitted by the last school day of the previous school year in order for students to receive a place in the Seminar program. The form can be used to join the program at any point during the school year if there is space available.

School Choice

Seminar-identified students living outside of Hearst's enrollment area and all high-GATE students who do not already attend Hearst Elementary must complete a Choice application in order to change their enrollment to Hearst.

Completing a Choice application DOES NOT COMMIT YOU to moving your child to Hearst. If you think you might want to move your child, complete an application. You can always change your mind later.

The Choice system works by lottery.

The Choice application deadline is typically 10 months before the start of a school year! Due to high enrollment numbers, Hearst is not anticipating being able to accept any choice students for 2023-24 school year.

Visit the SDUSD Enrollment Options website to complete a School Choice Application and learn more about the School Choice process.

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